Steering Group Minutes


DDATT Steering group

Abbott Mem Library

6 PM to 8 PM


Bob Lodato, Sam Brown, Linda Tisdale, Peggy Gannon, Ed Hummel



Approved as written

Treasurer report

Discuss using ROSC as 501c3 “sponsor”, for tax deductible donations

Sam will contact Larry Dansinger of ROSC to see what’s possible

SG Meeting procedural style

Follow Peace and Power format.

Pegg also gets clarification that sharing of research and ideas between SG meetings is desirable.

Old business

  • Alder Stone’s CAP program progressing in Waterville area.  Ed will keep DDATT posted, will try to have another area seminar followup this summer or fall
  • East West Highway:  Ed reports on phone call with Doug Thomas about public event.

Ed will call Doug again to see if Doug has decided anything one way or another, and will then contact SG.


Advertising Policy/Website

Discuss draft letter to businesses:  what is the purpose of letter, to solicit advertising or to explain DDATT to area businesses, to start them thinking about reducing oil use?  Perhaps do a quarterly mailing to area businesses.  DDATT website and newsletter could have local area sponsors.

Sam will redraft letter, send to SG for comments again

Use of newsletter for info:  better to have weekly mailings with fewer items than biweekly with more items;  short and sweet.  Remind DDATT supporters more frequently about what we do to encourage our goals, and how donations can be made.

Advertisement policy:  discuss to what level we want to allow “advertising” as a means of raising operating funds.

All SG members will look at two websites before the next SG meeting to see what kind of advertising is done, and how it may affect DDATT website feeling


Interest groups report

Swap meet posters are available for the June 2 event.  SG happy to have Swap Meet group running the affair (such as details of swap, cash, trade, etc).

No other groups have met yet.


Time Bank

Resources/Needs survey update

Peggy briefly describes Time Bank concepts and realities, could be better solution to our survey request, in that the software for such skill sharing already exists and why reinvent the wheel?  Preliminary findings indicate that at least one dedicated administrator is required to make such a project work.

Pegg will do more research for the next SG meeting, with stipulation that she’s NOT to be an administrator.

Steering Group Membership

Discuss length of term again.  Decide that we don’t need a hard and fast policy at this point about replacement or resignation (when people are ready to go, the group will consider the ramifications and act accordingly then).  Reminder that we as individuals only have so much personal energy, and we all need to recognize these differing levels of participation.  Some feedback from local citizens is encouraging: even though they don’t attend gatherings or workshops, just knowing DDATT exists and plods along is helpful and uplifting.

Recruitment of more potential SG:  have periodic potlucks and invite possibles, for more informal cross pollination of ideas and personalities.  Having a theme for each potluck may be attractive (such as How Does CSA Work, or Local Food, etc).

Pegg offers her house for a potluck for the next SG meeting, June 5th.


New Business



Next scheduled SG meeting Tuesday June 5, 6-8 PM, Pegg Gannon’s house, Palmyra


DDATT Steering group

Abbott Mem Library


Bob Lodato, Sam Brown, Ed Hummel, Pegg Gannon, Liz Breault



Decided to include approval of last meeting’s minutes at each meeting

Corrections to 4-24: Kevin Grant, not David; also noted that the discussion about SG membership terms was not included.


No treasurer report

SG Meeting procedural style

Follow Peace and Power format.

Fundraising Policy

Discussed reading of DDATT mission statement and donation request before each public meeting, and how some people are not comfortable or effective with presenting these items.  Discuss raising money for SG and for any working groups. Decided to depend solely on donations for the time being (see Advertising discussion below)

Ed and Pegg agree to be presenters at Movies and other events, and to arrange for substitutes when they cannot themselves attend.

Ed will contact Jim Bunn about planning of Local Food Supper this summer, and also is planning some sort of entertainment show as fundraiser event.

Advertising Policy/Website

Discuss possible uses for advertising on the website or newsletter and at other events, such as getting a sponsor to underwrite a specific movie or workshop.

Decide that any advertising will be local, low-key and subdued, preferably on its own page/section.  Website administrators will consult if any advertising or business is questionable insofar as supporting DDATT mission.

Pegg will work with website design to see how advertising can be incorporated, to report to SG at next meeting.

Sam will work on a letter to area businesses describing what DDATT is and, if appropriate,  how we might help advertise their product or service.  A draft of this letter will be sent to SG before next meeting.

Ideas to Action report

Swap Meet:  Liz reports actions to date.  Looking for June 2nd, 9 AM to 2 PM at the Town Hall preferably, possibly blocking off Hall Street (she will attend Council meeting this coming week to find out).

Other groups not yet met.

Sam will write congratulatory letter to each “chair”explaining DDATT purpose and how their group can contribute to the whole, and inviting them to SG meetings in person or by written report at least once a month.

Resources/Needs survey

Results are trickling in from mailing two weeks ago.  Pegg is collating them, and some suggestions for organizing the data to be of use have also come in (such as Google Docs).

Decide that Sam will resend simplified survey form to email list, and will contact David Giles or Matt Newman for more assistance in selecting a system for sharing the survey information.

Steering Group Membership

Renew last meeting’s discussion on how to invigorate the SG, to promote the continuity needs of the group as well as the personal needs and energies of the individuals serving on it.  Term Limits or self-assessment or some combination?  DDATT is volunteer-based and the SG members have no constituency to represent.  Some elements of exclusivity or elitism may be perceived by public?  Advertise vacancies in the newsletter?  General SG feeling that 3 years may be a good length of term.

Decide to make this agenda topic for 5-22 meeting, with homework for all SG members to think about a solution to this problem and bring it to that meeting.

Time Bank

Pegg suggests we look into Time Bank idea that was recently cited in Bangor Daily News in St John Valley, as potential way to put Survey information to work, with a centralized “bank”.

Pegg will investigate available software and report at 5-22 meeting

East West Highway

Ed reports on developments on this topic.  If DDATT is sponsor of “civic dialog” we need to be able to pull it off well, so there’s some discussion about the available energy of the group to make this work.

Ed will contact Doug Thomas to set date in June, then check with Art Jette, Chris Buchanan and then look for an appropriate site.

Climate Adaptability Project

Ed reports on developments with Alder Stone’s group, which is picking up steam, and might seek DDATT support later.


Next scheduled SG meeting Tuesday May 22, 6-8 PM, Library





DDATT Steering group

Abbott Mem Library


Linda Tisdale, Bob Lodato, Sam Brown, Ed Hummel, Judy Hummel, Jack Ferris, Pegg Gannon, Liz Breault


(Action Items in Italics! These will be discussed at next SG meeting! So act or else be attacked by more exclamation points!)



Sam hands out year-to-date income/expense report to SG.

We need to discuss Fundraising and Advertising Policy (what is “personal”, commercial, community, etc) as agenda items at next meeting, to get ideas for closing the deficit.

Also to continue action to set up checking account before next SG meeting (Bob and Sam will work on this item)

SG Meeting procedural style

Pegg Gannon joins SG, hooray!

Discuss pros and cons of Roberts Rules vs Peace and Power.  Linda volunteers to model Convener role for Peace and Power for the meeting.  Decide on quick thumbs up-or-down voting method.  Decide to have action items recorded and read aloud before moving on to next agenda item.  Decide to use Check-in and –Out at start and end of SG meetings to build group trust.  SG agrees that Peace and Power model works well.

Decide to have better pre-meeting communications (working agenda, minutes sent out a few days before meeting from secretary, then the responsibility of members to bring them to meeting), as well as a poster on the wall of meeting procedures to remind us (Sam will make poster).

Library/DDATT $ relationship

Liz confirms the Library figures of $8/evening meeting, $16/halfday workshop as the costs to the Library for heat and light for this basement room.


Matt Newman and Pegg Gannon have offered to help advise with the site.  Sam will follow up.  Calendar is increasingly useful as exposure for events of interest to the wider DDATT community, without DDATT itself endorsing that event.  Future discussion for SG: who should have access to calendar editing?

 Movies/Ideas-to-Action night

Farmageddon is set for 7PM May 4th.  Sam has (unfortunately) already sent out bulk email advertising Idea to Action event one hour before that movie, so SG discusses how that event should be run.  Decide that Bob will open the meeting with brief description of DDATT’s purpose and then moderate the solicitation and discussion of those ideas as they can support that purpose.

Transition handbook discussion group

May 22 5 PM will be first session of monthly reading and discussion group of Transition handbooks, led by Jack and Sam, open to the public.

Survey report

Pegg and Sam update SG on recent action of sending “Resources and Needs” survey to bulk email.  We are not exactly sure how to collate the incoming data, but are following up a few ideas (such as Google Docs, and other database possibilities).

Sam will make 20 paper copies of survey for May 4 movie night for those who don’t use email or website.

Discuss gray areas of when people use survey for advertising their business or other personal interests; decide that Pegg and Sam can make case-by-case judgements, but if it becomes sticky, perhaps SG will have to render a policy.


Discuss Transition idea of “reskilling”.  Decide to bring it up as one of the topics at the Ideas to Action meeting, under the title “Sharing Traditional Skills”.

Workshop report

May 23, Ed will do Weather for Farmers; June will be Nancy and David Grant on Homesteading; July will be Linda T on some aspect of herbs; September will be Heron Breen on foraging.

East West Highway

Discuss developments to date, for promoting civic forum on this topic.  Decide that Ed will try to set up May date, juggling  the availability of Doug Thomas, Chris Buchanan, and Art Jette as main players.


Next scheduled SG meeting Tuesday May 8,  6-8 PM, Library

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