What is DDATT?

DDATT is part of the worldwide Transition movement, local people getting together to reorganize their own communities to tackle the three problems of economic instability, climate change, and the end of low-cost oil.

In the Dexter and Dover Foxcroft area, this means looking at food production and distribution, transportation, handling of “waste”, education, healthcare, water, local government, and so forth, trying to figure out new ways of doing these jobs better at the same time using less energy.

Creation of an “Energy Descent Plan” is the ultimate goal for DDATT, a combination of ideas and strategies and tactics to reduce our reliance on imported energy and increase our social resilience as a community.

And DDATT supporters are learning and sharing from each other and having fun while working on making the area more resilient to the current stresses facing all of us.

A “Steering Group” is the initial organizing committee of DDATT, responsible for communicating and developing the various interest areas (“Working Groups”) which will then take DDATT and its supporters to new levels of community awareness and functioning.

Thanks for visiting our website, take a few minutes to look around the calendar and other features to see what kinds of events, people, and ideas are circulating here.

You can sign up for the DDATT email newsbulletin too, at the bottom of the page.

info@ddatt.org for more information.

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